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Different building types can be made with the Suomi-Koti partners:

Wooden houses and multi-storey housing
  • Ecological wooden houses
  • Industrial system development.

  • Natori Model House E

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    Sendai B Plan

    Eco P4 - Saara

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    Econo Wooden Houses
    AB Case consult Ltd. 14 March 2013 (pdf, 4.2 MB)

    Senior housing and nursing homes with the Finnish safety- and wellness-technique
    with active safety-systems, wireless health monitoring, fitness equipment etc.
  • Wood is safe and agreeable material for senior-housing
  • Wood is warm to touch, and it evokes positive memories.
  • New wooden constructions have a long life-cycle.

  • Senior-housing types:
    1. Own homes with services.
    2. Senior homes.
    3. Nursing homes.
    Natural house-techniques:
  • Natural cold water cooling.
  • Reed-bed cleaning of waste waters.
  • During hot days massive wooden structures feel cooler.

  • Safe coastal construction
  • Because of the rising sealevel and tsunamis there is the need to develop new kind of coastal building.
  • Wood is light and tolerates dynamic loads, which makes it suitable for new kind of safe quayside architecture.

  • Wooden office buildings
  • Large office buildings can be made with Finnish wooden building systems.
  • Post-beam structures.
  • Glue lam beams.
  • Wooden facade elements.

    Schools and kindergarten
  • Good results of Finnish schools in the international PISA-survey are result of new pedagogy and good school architecture.
  • Wood makes a harmonious milieu for children.
  • With post-beam system it is possible to build flexible schools and kindergarten rapidly.
  • Healthy buildings and in-door air are essential for children.
  • Solar shading with wood-glass louvres.
  • Mechanical or natural ventilation.
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