Why Wooden Buildings?

  • Wooden town planning and wooden architecture guidelines are ready.
  • Even CO2-neutral planning and architecture are possible with our know-how.
  • We can do high-tec and bioclimatic architecture in Japanese climate.
  • Modern wood is economical and long lasting.
  • Target is to construct wooden building areas and large buildings, like schools and senior housing, in Japan.

  • Wooden constructions help to keep the indoor air humidity inside the recommended area.
  • Wood, which is treated ecologically, doesn't give harmful emissions to the indoor air
  • Many European doctors recommend living in a log house.


Modern wooden buildings are fire-safe. There are different methods to improve fire resistance:
1. Protective paints and treatments.
2. Massive wooden posts and beams.
3. Plasterboard cover.
4. Sprinkling.Eight storey wooden buildings are permitted in Finland.


Wooden houses can be designed to stand earthquakes. Buildings have special steel parts to keep the parts together in the case of an earthquake.

Some of the standing buildings after the Kobe earth-quake in Japan were the Finnish Kerto-wood buildings.
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